Ullanta Performance Robotics

Fifi and Josie: A Tale of Two Lesbiots

A Story of Autonomy, Love, Paranoia, and Agency

Written by Roxanne Linnea Ray

This play premiered in April 1996, as part of the Brandeis Festival of the Arts, performed by the Nerd Herd. A much-improved version, starring Ben, Mae, and Ullanta the Robot Levin was developed by request for the Robotix '97 festival in Glasgow, Scotland, and performed in March of that year.

March 12-16 at Robotix '97
in Glasgow, Scotland

Mae as Fifi
Ullanta, the Robot Levin as Josie and
Ben as the Placard Carrier

Directed by Barry Brian Werger
with Production Manager and Understudy Dani Goldberg

Program and pictures are here.

[The Young Lesbiots in Love]

Monday, April 1st, 1996 at 8pm
Schwartz Auditorium, Brandeis University

Starring the Nerd Herd

Directed by Barry Brian Werger

Program and pictures are here.

If interested in seeing the play, contact the Fifi and Josie Fan Club.

Some of our enthusiastic audience members:

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