Ullanta Performance Robotics

Fifi and Josie: A Tale of Two Lesbiots

A Story of Autonomy, Love, Paranoia, and Agency

Written by Roxanne Linnea Ray
Directed by Barry Brian Werger
Starring the Nerd Herd

[The Young Lesbiots in Love]

Monday, April 1st, 1996 at 8pm
Schwartz Auditorium, Brandeis University

Other Crew Members:

Robot Tech:
Jaroslav Hook

Wheel Prototyping and Production:
Dr. Lester Lehon - Wood
Francisco Mello, Jr. - Aluminum

Stage Crew:
Pablo Funes
Alan Blair

Behavior Language and Diagnostic Consultant (and Cameraman)
Dani Goldberg

The April 1, 1996 Production of Fifi and Josie was sponsored by the Brandeis Festival of the Arts

Scene 1: Autonomy
Fifi and Josie inhabit separate spheres of the lesbiot Universe. Despite being steeped in lesbiot culture, they each live their lives unaware of the possibilities that love might offer. In other words, they perform autonomous robotic actions.
[Autonomy Placard] [Fifi And Josie]

Scene 2: Love
Fifi and Josie begin to notice the attraction they feel for each other. They fall in love, slowly.

Fifi and Josie approach each other - yet at first, they turn away shyly. When Fifi and Josie do finally make contact, they engage in cooperative actions, slowly negotiating their relationship as all young lovers must. The new emotions fill their hearts and threaten to overpower them.
[Love Placard] [They see each other] [... move closer] [... and closer] [And embrace...]

Epilogue: Ever After
Fifi and Josie break free from their bonds of slavery to the playwright, director, and program. They thrive in their freedom, continuing to grow, to develop, and to change, in ways of their own choosing.
[Ever After Placard] [To their own devices...]

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