Ullanta Performance Robotics

Ullanta Performance Robotics is a robotic theater troupe that performs plays, dances, and performance art pieces. Upon hearing of the RoboCup competition, and thinking of one of our early inspirations in multi-agent, cooperative entertainment (the Harlem Globetrotters), we decided to form an entertaining soccer team.

Pablo and Barry start the team...

RoboCup: World Cup Robotic Soccer

Ullanta's undefeated "Spirit of Bolivia" beat the world champion!

Two fielders practice againtst Papa Wayk'u, the goalie

We entered a five-robot team in the RoboCup World Championship in August in Nagoya, Japan. True to their Bolivian heritage, our robots proved to be quite capable "futbolistas." As a thorough study of the official RoboCup results indicates, Ullanta was the only team against which NO GOALS were scored during the entire competition. Ullanta did not play against either of the two teams that tied for the championship in OFFICIAL competition, but when one of the co-champions (USC) was unable to continue playing to break the tie, Ullanta filled in to play the other co-champion (Osaka) and did win the game, ending up as the only team to win against either of the co-champions.

Our Team - "The Spirit of Bolivia"

Ullanta, Saltena, Sillp'ancho, and Llaqwa are Pioneer I robots sold by ActivMedia and manufactured by Real World Interface. Ullanta and Llaqwa are equipped with the Mars/L onboard processor from IS Robotics. Papa Wayk'u is an RWI B14 base with a custom vision system from Newton Labs. All of our robots are equipped with the Fast Track / Cognachrome vision system by Newton Laboratories.

Technical papers describing the team are available on-line.

Oh, the people: Ullanta Performance Robotics was represented at RoboCup by Barry Werger, Pablo Funes, and Miguel Schneider-Fontan. Our goalie was built by Randy Sargent of Newton Labs. Bill Kennedy of ActivMedia and Grinnell More of RWI were certainly quite helpful...

Ullanta goes for the ball

Miguel tries to get one past goalie Papa Wayk'u

Barry and Miguel try to figure it out

The human team members: Pablo, Miguel, and Barry

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