Ullanta Performance Robotics

Ullanta Performance Robotics was founded in 1995 in Waltham, Massachussetts, and is currently based in Los Angeles. Our motto, "Because everybody loves robots", concisely states our reasons for bringing robots into the sphere of dramatic arts. Our robots are fully autonomous once on the stage, and all of their actions represent their own, ever-changing, interpretations of the script.

  • Members

    Due to its informal and wide-travelling nature, its membership varies with each production. We list here only the regulars; please see the online programs for production-specific cast and crew.

  • About the Robots
      Our robots are Pioneer 1's from ActivMedia and Real World Interface. They are rugged and reliable differentially steered bases with seven sonar pingers for obstacle detection, and grippers for object manipulation which incorporate contact and break-beam sensors. The robots are equipped with the Fast-Track Vision System from Newton Labs, which provides on-board visual identification and location of objects. They are programmed using either the MARS/L Development System from IS Robotics, an on-board Common LISP extended for behavior-based control, or PAI, the Pioneer Application Interface for C.

  • Where does the name "Ullanta" come from?
      "Ullanta" is the name of the protagonist of one of the few surviving Quechua-language plays written in colonial Peru. One of Ullanta Performance Robotics's long-term goals is a production of this play, entitled "Ollantay." Barry is currently preparing a new translation of the manuscript.

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