Ullanta Performance Robotics

Custom Robotic R&D

Ullanta harbors a wide range of experience in development of robotic systems - our members have worked for research laboratories and major robotics companies to develop applied systems, development environments, and robotic software at all levels. We can develop software for your robots, perform services with our robots, or deliver full hardware/software systems - either development platforms or turnkey solutions.

Custom Shows and Exhibits

There are few things as attention-grabbing as a troupe of autonomous robots... and whether for product demonstrations or as private entertainment, many businesses can benefit greatly from their appeal. Our "Wandering Sales Exhibitions" - which interact safely and entertainingly with Exhibition Hall crowds - draw the attention not only of show-goers but of national (and international!) media as well... our recent "exhibit" at MacWorld San Francisco won a "Best of Show" award, was featured in Wired News, in most major Macintosh-related on-line information services, and in a forthcoming stream of magazines. Some samples of the attention our activities draw can be found on our "In the News" page.

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