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Thursday 15-Jan-98

Aladdin Unwraps StuffIt Expander 4.5 -- There are a handful of Macintosh utilities without which we simply cannot function, and this week Aladdin Systems upgraded one of the most-used of the bunch: StuffIt Expander. Version 4.5 of the essential file-decompression utility adds support for ShrinkWrap 3.0 disk images and files encrypted with Aladdin's Private File. StuffIt Expander can decompress nearly any compression format, making it invaluable for anyone downloading files from the Internet or exchanging files with colleagues. In the new version, dropping a ShrinkWrap disk image onto StuffIt Expander will mount the disk on your desktop. Private File (.pf) files dropped onto Expander's icon will prompt you for the file's password, then decrypt and decompress their contents. StuffIt Expander is a 272K (BinHex) or 200K (MacBinary) download from Aladdin's Web site.

Wednesday 14-Jan-98

Immortalize Yourself in the Macintosh Bible -- Do you have a great tip relating to the Macintosh? The people who create the Macintosh Bible want to know about it for possible inclusion in the seventh edition, and they'll give you a brush with fame by placing your name in the book's acknowledgments. If you visit The Tipster Web site, you can submit your tip and check out the tip of the week. (Right now, it discloses secrets embedded in Mac OS 8's crayon color picker.) The Macintosh Bible is a venerable favorite in the Macintosh world; TidBITS last reviewed it in "Peachpit Updates the Bible" in TidBITS 343.

Robots' Rules of Order -- Russell Tait of Compass Information Systems writes: "Thanks for the continued good work. However, in your 'Macworld SF 1998 Superlatives' article in TidBITS 412, under Best Performance, the robots were actually sponsored by both Ullanta and Compass Information Systems to feature our TIBET software as well as the robot performance. The TIBET software on the Newton controlled the AGFA digital camera. This software is available as a stand-alone product that enables MessagePad 2000 and eMate users to take a digital photo, view it (including zoom and pan), make notes associated with it, and email the text (in the body of the message) and the photo (as a JPEG attachment). Look for improved versions of the robot reporter at future shows - we're even considering an autonomous helicopter!"

Tuesday 13-Jan-98

Quarterdeck Sells StarNine -- Quarterdeck has finalized the sale of StarNine Technologies - a Quarterdeck subsidiary that sells WebSTAR, ListSTAR, WebCollage, and other Internet-related products - to Platinum Equity Holdings. The Quarterdeck press release said nothing about StarNine's reaction to the sale, but we've heard that StarNine will be preserved as an independent company, operating with hands-off support from Platinum Equity Holdings. From what we understand, this means the StarNiners have added incentive to ship WebSTAR 3.0 quickly so they can focus on new projects and opportunities provided by Platinum Equity Holdings. In addition, StarNine's current products have a better chance to flourish now that StarNine has found a home in a more supportive environment.

WebSTAR 3.0 in Public Beta -- StarNine Technologies has posted the public beta of WebSTAR 3.0, the latest version of their popular Macintosh Web server. Major new features include full support for the HTTP 1.1 protocol, support for single-link multihoming using Open Transport 1.3, an integrated FTP server, an integrated caching proxy server for increased security and performance, a built-in search engine based on Apple's V-Twin technology, and a new TCP/IP-based WebSTAR Admin application. The 9.7 MB download is accessible after you subscribe to the WebSTAR Beta mailing list. Note that the FTP URL provided works only in Netscape Navigator without editing; since Internet Explorer 4.0 (and Anarchie and Fetch) honor the default directory set by StarNine's FTP server, you'll have to copy the URL and remove the /pub directory from the end to download using those programs.

Eudora Pro 4.0 Finalized -- Qualcomm has finalized Eudora Pro 4.0 for the Macintosh (see our review of Eudora Pro 3.0 in TidBITS 357). A demo (6 MB download) is available now, and the full product will be available for sale soon. New features include background sending and receiving of email, improved interface aesthetics, a Make Filter command that simplifies filter creation, dockable windows, and numerous minor tweaks. Qualcomm also added support for Internet standards such as LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, an up-and-coming directory services protocol), ACAP (Application Configuration Access Protocol, which enables system administrators to configure Eudora automatically from a server), and viewing and composing of M/HTML messages that include HTML formatting and graphics. This version still lacks IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol, an alternate way of retrieving email that's popular in large organizations); IMAP support is slated for version 4.1. Eudora Light remains at version 3.1.3 for now.

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