Ullanta Performance Robotics

Technical Reports

  • UPR TR 99-01 Barry Brian Werger, "Ayllu: Distributed Port-Arbitrated Behavior-Based Control," Submitted to DARS 2000 [PDF Version]

  • UPR TR 98-01 Barry Brian Werger, "Scripted behavior for theatrical robot actors"

  • UPR TR 97-01 Barry Brian Werger, "Principles of Minimal Control for Comprehensive Team Behavior", in Proceedings of ICRA-98. [PDF Version]

    Related Publications

    In Journals

  • Barry Brian Werger, "Cooperation Without Deliberation: A Minimal Behavior-based Approach to Multi-robot Teams", Artificial Intelligence 110(1999) 293-320 PDF Version

  • Barry Brian Werger, "Profile of a Winner: Brandeis University and Ullanta Performance Robotics' 'Robotic Love Triangle'", AI Magazine 19(3), 1998.

    In Conference Proceedings

  • Barry Brian Werger, "The Spirit of Bolivia: Complex Behavior Through Minimal Control", in Proceedings of RoboCup 97, Nagoya, Japan, 1997. HTML version PDF Version